On the left: the First Edition, which will cease at the end of May, 2011. On the right, the Revised Second Edition!

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The most passionate and best informed patient revolution has begun!

Based on the experience of a large and growing body of patients worldwide along with several wise and caring doctors, this is the patient-to-patient book, chock full of practical, comprehensive and user-friendly information about better thyroid treatment, more revealing labwork, and conditions that accompany hypothyroid—all to make you far more educated and pro-active when you enter your doctor's office. One of the most detailed treatment books you'll ever read, and read, and read.

This “bible of thyroid treatment” contains most of what you can find on this website, and much more:

What's In The Revised Second Edition?

Order here! Credit card via Google Checkout; US Checks; US Money Orders and even US Cash: www.laughinggrapepublishing.com

Janie Says

"When I created this STTM website, it was done to counter lousy advice I was seeing on the internet on certain websites—advice that was keeping patients sick. I thought it was going to help make a huge change towards far better thyroid treatment. And it definitely has. Yet, I kept getting requests for a book version. People wanted something right in their hands to learn from, and to take into their doctor's office.

So, I finally created the STTM book. I made sure that all that you find on this website is in the book, but I also added a great deal more, as mentioned above. And to my great relief, the feedback has been excellent!

Below are just some of the comments I've gotten, which I hope helps you in deciding if you need the book, as well. You can read even more feedback here."

What Other People Are Saying

"Hi. I just wanted to email you to let you know that I got the book, and my wife is reading it. She has suffered a lot, and is crying at what you have in there. It's her. We are making an appointment with a new guy, a DO next door to our old one, and will know exactly what to ask for. Thanks for putting this together. Jenny says hi." -Tom

"Janie, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. Your book is a godsend." -Lorell

"All I can say is Wow and I haven't even finished it yet. I have read four hypothyroid books and gained meaty stuff, but yours will be a classic, Janie." -Victoria

"I hope several people will send this book to Oprah!! PLEASE send this to Oprah!! It may take that many to finally get her to see the light and get this message in the media!" -Pat

"I love your website but I found your book to be far easier to browse through. Thank you. Thank you. Oh, and I had a good laugh when I looked through your Glossary." -Michelle R.

"Janie, I took the STTM book into my appointment with bookmarks and wowed my doctor. haha I'm on Naturethroid because of it. I just have to use it again to get a higher dose to get rid of my problems. Thank you really." -Tracey